Juan C. Montoya

Dr. Juan C. MontoyaDr. Juan C. Montoya is a technical staff member in the Laser Technology and Applications Group, pursuing research in coherently combined laser arrays. Previously, he was a research scientist at Physical Sciences Inc.

Most recently, Dr. Montoya led a team that demonstrated coherent beam combining of semiconductor gain elements within a common resonator. He has a current interest in developing low-size, -weight, and -power (SWaP) coherently combined laser arrays, and integrated photonic components for coherent beam combining and beam-steering applications.

Dr. Montoya has authored or coauthored papers in the field of coherent beam combining, laser array beam steering, integrated photonic isolators, mid-infrared tunable sources, and large-area grating manufacturing. 

Dr. Montoya received a BS degree in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington and a PhD degree in electrical and computer science from MIT. As a graduate student, he developed a scanning beam interference lithography tool used to manufacture high-accuracy nanometer-scale diffraction gratings for X-ray telescopes and laser pulse-compression applications.






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