Antonio Sanchez-Rubio

Dr. Antonio Sanchez-RubioDr. Antonio Sanchez-Rubio is a senior staff member in the Laser Technology and Applications Group; his research interests are in laser development and in the use of lasers to sensing applications.

Dr. Sanchez-Rubio has made contributions in the areas of semiconductor lasers and diode-pumped solid-state lasers. He has worked on the development of laser systems and sensors for laser radar, infrared countermeasures, and bioaerosol detection. He has contributed to the development of laser beam-combining techniques for power and brightness scaling using semiconductor laser arrays and fiber laser arrays. His current work is focused on laser beam combining and on quantum cascade lasers for spectroscopic sensing applications in the mid- and long-wave infrared. 

Dr. Sanchez-Rubio has authored more than 40 publications in refereed journals, is a co-inventor in 5 patents, and is the co-recipient of the Berthold Leibinger Innovationspreis, First Prize, 2012.

Dr. Sanchez-Rubio received a BS degree in physics from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, Spain, and PhD degree in physics from MIT.






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