Richard W. Ralston

Dr. Richard W. RalstonDr. Richard W. Ralston is Principal Staff in the Advanced Technology Division. His interests include signal-processing and quantum-electronic devices and systems.  His current research is on ultrasonic, photonic and electronic effects in semiconductors with the purpose of efficiently coupling multiple effects for power-efficient, wide-band signal-processing microsystems.

Prior to joining the Laboratory, Dr. Ralston worked at AT&T Bell Telephone Laboratories where he developed impact-avalanche transit-time (IMPATT) microwave sources.  During forty-plus years at the Laboratory, he has developed lead-salt infrared diode lasers and acoustoelectric surface-acoustic-wave (SAW) devices for signal processing.  He served as the Leader of the Analog Device Technology Group, which developed and transitioned SAW and superconductive compressive receivers for airborne and satellite-based prototype systems.  He also served as Principal Director of the Consortium for Superconducting Electronics (CSE), a joint pre-competitive research and development activity comprised of select universities and small and large commercial firms.   He established the Laboratory-wide computer-aided-design infrastructure for electronic devices, circuits and structures, including a Trusted Design capability.  Dr. Ralston held the position of Associate Head of the Solid State Research (renamed Advanced Technology) Division.

Dr. Ralston has published many papers and served on the organizational committees for numerous international conferences.  He has served on IEEE committees and led a local IEEE section in Sonics and Ultrasonics.  He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Tau Beta Pi and a Senior and Life Member of the IEEE.

Dr. Ralston receive his PhD in quantum electronics from Yale University, and his BS and MS in electrical engineering from Lehigh University.






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