Danielle A. Braje

Dr. Danielle A. BrajeDr. Danielle A. Braje is an Assistant Group Leader of the Quantum Information and Integrated Nanosystems Group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. With a focus on quantum sensing, her group applies the fundamental stability of quantum systems to the sensing arena. Current development focuses on small, portable solid-state systems, such as nitrogen vacancies in the diamond lattice. Her research interests span from atomic physics and low-light-level nonlinear optics to atom interferometry and quantum coherence.

Prior to joining Lincoln Laboratory, Dr. Braje was a faculty member at Reed College, working in coherent effects in laser-cooled atoms and a research scientist contractor at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)–Boulder developing compact laser frequency combs. During her first four years at Lincoln Laboratory, she worked in superconducting quantum computing before refocusing on sensor-based applications of quantum systems.

Dr. Braje has received the Hertz Fellowship, Urbanek Fellowship, National Science Foundation (NSF) Fellowship and has served on NSF and NASA panels. She is a member of the American Physical Society.

Dr. Braje earned her PhD degree in applied physics from Stanford University and her BS degree in physics from the University of Arizona. 









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