Kevin M. Obenland

Dr. Kevin M. ObenlandDr. Kevin M. Obenland is a senior staff member in the Quantum Information and Integrated Nanosystems Group where he conducts quantum computing research focusing on the areas of quantum fault-tolerance and error correction, gate-level simulation of noisy physical quantum systems, and resource analysis of quantum algorithms and architectures.

Dr. Obenland joined the laboratory in June 2015. Prior to this he worked at SAIC/Leidos where he led a small quantum computing theory effort focusing on quantum computing systems design and analysis. He also worked in the areas of real-time embedded computing, high-performance computing, and real-time implementation of signal processing systems. Dr. Obenland has also held positions with the MITRE Corporation and E-Systems (now Raytheon).

Dr. Obenland has published articles in the areas of large-scale simulation of noisy quantum systems and real-time computing. Dr. Obenland has held adjunct professor positions at George Mason and George Washington Universities where he taught graduate level courses in Computer Operating Systems and Processor Design. 

Dr. Obenland earned a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California and a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington.








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