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Quantum Information Science

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Integrated Photonics

M.A. Hollis, R.B. Swint, D. Siriani, J.P. Donnelly, P.W. Juodawlkis, U.S. Patent 9,671,670, "Inductance-Tuned Electro-optic Modulators" 2017.

J.C. Montoya, S.J. Spector, R.B. Swint and C.A. Ross, U.S. Patent 8,749,871, "On-chip miniature optical isolator," 2014.

S.J. Spector, R.B. Swint, and M. Popovic, U.S. Patent 8,472,766, "Waveguide coupler having continuous three-dimensional tapering," 2013.

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CMOS Technology

R.A. Das, P.G. Murphy, K.E. Magoon, N. Kinayman, M.J. Barbieri, T.M. Hancock, M.A. Gouker, U.S. Patent 9,786,633, "Interconnect Structures for Fine Pitch Assembly of Semiconductor Structures and Related Techniques", 2017.

R.A. Das, D-R.W. Yost, C. Chen, K. Warner, S.A. Vitale, M.A. Gouker, C.L. Keast, U.S. Patent 9,780,075, "Interconnect Structures for Assembly of Multi-Layer Semiconductor Devices", 2017.

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