Antenna Systems

Non-planar phased array simulation model Non-planar phased array simulation model for 3D-printed antenna study.

The RF Technology Group develops a wide range of antenna subsystems, which range from high frequency up to millimeter-wave frequencies. These developments involve design, fabrication, integration, and test of novel antennas and arrays for radar, communications, and other systems. These applications include multifunction phased array radar (MPAR) antennas; ultrawideband antennas; antennas for simultaneous transmit and receive, millimeter-wave imaging; multipolarized vector sensor antennas for angle-of-arrival systems; 3D-printed non-planar phased arrays; and many others.  The group also performs simulations for a wide variety of antenna and electromagnetic systems.

Ultrawideband array antenna under testing in the Lincoln Laboratory compact range anechoic chamber.






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