David Conway

Mr. David Conway

Mr. David Conway is a senior member of the technical staff in the RF Technology Group, where he leads concept, design, and development activities in phased array development with a focus on materials, topologies, and techniques that reduce array cost. His broader interests include monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) and beamformer design, thermal management, polarimetric radar, and antenna and radar test and evaluation.

Prior to joining Lincoln Laboratory, Mr. Conway worked in industry for more than 25 years. His former employers include Hughes Aircraft, ITT, M/A-COM, and Cobham. His efforts during that period included microwave radiator, filter, and beamformer design; communication, radar transmit/receive module design, and automated test development; high-power amplifier and multifunction MMIC design; and the design, development, and marketing of a commercial MMIC product line.

Mr. Conway has published six papers and holds one patent. He has served on the organizational committee for the IEEE Phased Array and System Technology Symposium in 2013.

He received an MSEE degree from the University of Southern California and a BEE degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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