Christopher J. Galbraith

Dr. Christopher J. Galbraith

Dr. Christopher Galbraith is a technical staff member in the RF Technology. His research is focused on microwave circuits, packaging, and antennas for radar, remote sensing, and communications applications. Previously, he worked at TRW Space and Electronics in the satellite communications systems and microwave integrated circuit design groups.

Recently, Dr. Galbraith led the development of ultra-compact and low-power microwave spectrometer back-ends for the MicroMAS, MiRaTA, and TROPICS Cubesat missions. He has also demonstrated high efficiency, wideband power amplifiers using gallium nitride devices, designed multi-channel transceivers and antennas for MIMO communications systems, and developed a microwave multiplexer design technique based on mammalian cochlea modeling. He has served on design review boards as a subject matter expert and has participated in studies of advanced technology RF and superconducting electronics.

Dr. Galbraith has published 17 journal papers and conference proceedings in the field of microwave circuits and systems. He has served on the IEEE International Microwave Symposium steering and technical program review committees since 2009 and the executive committee of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Boston chapter since 2008.

Dr. Galbraith received BS, MS, and PhD degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan.

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