Michael W. Geis

Michael Geis

Dr. Michael Geis is a staff member in the RF Technology Group developing diamond power RF transistors.  This development effort includes research in chemistry, metallurgy, and electrical characterization as they relate to the diamond transistors.

He has published > 150 refereed papers as well as articles in Scientific American and Nature, given over 50 invited presentations, edited two books, written 6 book chapters, and has ~ 30 patents covering crystal growth, dry etching, chemical concentrators, diamond technology, cold cathodes, liquid crystals, data security for embedded systems and silicon integrated optics.

Michael W. Geis received his BA in Physics and MS in Electrical Engineering from Rice University in 1970.  The PhD degree in Space Physics and Astronomy was received also from Rice University in 1976.  He worked as a postdoctoral student in the Chemistry Department of Rice University.  In 1978, he joined Lincoln Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He developed semiconductor-on-insulator technology using zone-melting-recrystallization, submicrometer structure fabrication and dry etching.  More recently, he has worked in diamond semiconductor technology, vacuum cathodes, optical limiters, and chemical concentrators for toxic gas detection.

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