Travis C. Wade

Dr. Travis C. WadeDr. Travis C. Wade is a technical staff member in the RF Technology Group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory active in the areas of CVD diamond growth and characterization for a wide variety of applications including thermal management, electronics, and quantum sensing.

Prior to joining the laboratory, Dr. Wade owned a consulting firm, Evolve Diamonds, which provided support for microwave plasma CVD diamond growth and application targeted CVD deposition system hardware development.  Prior to Evolve Diamonds, he worked as the process development engineer for Applied Diamond Inc., an industrial manufacturer of CVD diamond tools and components.

Dr. Wade has published two peer-reviewed papers and two book chapters on the electronic properties of diamond and nanocrystalline diamond materials. 

Dr. Wade earned a BE in Computer Engineering and a PhD in Material Science & Engineering from Vanderbilt University where he studied nanostructured cold cathode diamond field emitter tips.













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