Xiao Y. Wang

Dr. Xiao Y. WangDr. Xiao Y. Wang is a technical staff member in the RF Technology Group, pursing research in radio receiver and laser-beam-combining architectures. Previously, he was a graduate student at Cornell University.

In his graduate research, Dr. Wang focused on ultralow-power transceiver architecture design for wireless sensor networks and created a working prototype of a crystal-less impulse radio system. At Lincoln Laboratory, he has worked on equalization of receiver and analog-to-digital converter distortions through nonlinear system identification methods and baseband signal processing, as well as tool-chain development enabling this research. He is currently working on modeling and simulation of a high-power beam-combining system.

Dr. Wang has published 16 papers, five as first author, and is an inventor or  coinventor on four patents. He is the coauthor of Design of Ultra-Low Power Impulse Radios. He has served as a reviewer for several international conferences as well as for the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I and II.

He received a BS degree with honors in electrical engineering from the California Institute of Technology and MS and PhD degrees in electrical and computer engineering from Cornell University.













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