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Low Cost Phased Array Panel Technology

G.A. Brigham, R.J. Stanley, B.T. Perry, and P.J. Bell, U.S. Patent 9,635,761, "Sleeved Coaxial Printed Circuit Board Vias", 2017.

G.A. Brigham, M. Davidovits, S.M. Duffy, and J.S. Herd, U.S. Patent 8,350,767, "Notch antenna having a low profile stripline feed," 2013.

Antenna Systems

B.M. Stanley, M.T. Cornick, C.M. Coldwell, J.C. Koechling, and B. Zhang, U.S. Patent 8,949,024, "Vehicle Localization Using Surface Penetrating Radar", 2015.

R.G. Atkins, J.J. Brooke, M.T. Cornick, and B. Zhang, U.S. Patent 8,786,485, "Mobile Coherent Change Detection Ground Penetrating Radar", 2014.


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Wideband Electronic Systems

(No current patents)


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Technologies for Simultaneous Transmit and Receive

A.J. Fenn, P.T. Hurst, J.S. Herd, K.E. Kolodzierj, L.I. Parad, and H. Steyskal, U.S. Patent 8,749,441, "Simultaneous transmit and receive antenna system," 2014.

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RF Integrated Circuits and Systems

M.A. Hollis, R.B. Swint, D. Siriani, J.P. Donnelly, and P.W. Juodawlkis, U.S. Patent 9,671,670, "Inductance-Tuned Electro-optic Modulators", 2017.

H. Kim, M. Green, A. Bolstad, D.D. Santiago, M.N. Ericson, K. Gettings, and B.A. Miller, U.S. Patent 8,964,901, "Analog/Digital Co-design Methodology to Achieve High Linearity and Low Power Dissipation in a Radio Frequency (RF) Receiver", 2015.

A. Bolstad, B.A. Miller, K. Gettings, M. Green, H. Kim, and J. Goodman, U.S. Patent 8,958,470, "Method and Apparatus for Sparse Polynomial Equalization of RF Receiver Chains", 2015.

M.E. Grein, T.M. Lyszczarz, M.W. Geis, S.J. Spector, D.M. Lennon, and Y. Jung, U.S. Patent 8,818,150, "Method and Apparatus for Modulation Using a Conductive Waveguide", 2014.

M.C. Guyton, U.S. Patent 8,847,637, "Time-Interleaved Multi-modulus Frequency Divider," 2014.

H.H. Kim, M.R. Green, A.K. Bolstad, A.R. Chen and D.D. Santiago, U.S. Patent 8,644,437, "Digital compensation of a nonlinear system," 2014.

H.H. Kim, M.D. Cross, M.R. Green, and D.D. Santiago, U.S. Patent 8,242,818, "Phase-locked loop frequency synthesizer," 2012.

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Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Materials and Devices

R.J. Molnar, U.S. Patent 6,086,673, "Process for producing high-quality III-V nitride substrates," 2000.

C-L. Chen, L.J. Mahoney, M.J. Manfra, F.W. Smith and A.R. Calawa, U.S. Patent 5,411,914, "III-V based integrated circuits having low temperature growth buffer or passivation layers," 1995.



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