RF Integrated Circuits and Systems

High-Dynamic Range Receiver High dynamic range receiver.

18-40 GHz Modulator and PA Driver18–40-GHz modulator and power-amplifier driver.

The RF Technology Group is developing RF and mixed-signal integrated circuit technology to reduce the size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) for next-generation implementations of RF building blocks such as transmitters, receivers, and frequency synthesizers. 

Deep submicron CMOS, silicon germanium BiCMOS, fully depleted silicon on insulator, and gallium nitride technologies are leveraged to enable high levels of integration and improve performance through architectural trade-offs that are conducive to on-chip implementation. 

Our current focus is on receiver linearization through the use of nonlinear equalization, fractional-divider synthesizer techniques, and linearized power-efficient transmit architectures that leverage envelope tracking and digital predistortion. 

In addition to our work on high-performance RF systems, microsystem technology is an active area of research & development. This work brings together ultralow-power RF integrated circuit design and energy harvesting with sensor technology, solid-state device development, and materials science found throughout the Advanced Technology Division to develop wireless microsystems that enable new applications.

Sub-10 mW 2 Mbps BFSK Transceiver Sub-10-mW, 2-Mbps binary frequency-shift keying transceiver.




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