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Energy Systems

Limpaecher, E., Salcedo, R., Corbett, E., Manson, S., Nayak, B., Allen, W. (2017, Ocotber). Lessons Learned From Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing of Microgrid Control Systems, Paper presented at the Grid of the Future Symposium, Cleveland, OH. (Full paper)

N. Judson, A.L. Pina, E.V. Dydek, S.B. Van Broekhoven, A.S. Castillo, Application of a Resilience Framework to Military Installations: A Methodology for Energy Resilience Business Case Decisions, Lincoln Laboratory Technical Report 1216, 4 October 2016. (Full paper)

E.R. Morgan, S. Valentine, C.A. Blomberg, E.R. Limpaecher, E.V. Dydek, Boston Community Energy Study - Zonal Analysis for Urban Microgrids, Lincoln Laboratory Technical Report 1201, 5 April 2016. (Study website) (Interactive map) (Full paper) (Collaborator papers)

R.O. Salcedo, J.K. Nowocin, C.I. Smith, R.P. Rekha, E.G. Corbett, E.R Limpaecher, J.M. LaPenta, Development of a Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop Power Systems Simulation Platform to Evaluate Commercial Microgrid Controllers, Lincoln Laboratory Technical Report 1203, 23 February 2016. (Full paper) (Source code)

S.B. Van Broekhoven, N. Judson, J. Galvin, J. Marqusee. (2013, July-August). Leading the charge: microgrids for domestic military installations, IEEE Power and Energy Magazine, 40-45. Available:

N. Judson, Interdependence of the Electricity Generation System and the Natural Gas System and Implications for Energy Security, Lincoln Laboratory Technical Report 1173, 15 May 2013. (Full paper) (Online article)

S.B. Van Broekhoven, N. Judson, S.V.T. Nguyen, W.D. Ross, Microgrid Study: Energy Security for DoD Installations, Lincoln Laboratory Technical Report 1164, 18 June 2012. (Full paper)

Structural and Thermal-Fluids Engineering

Systems Engineering

Control and Autonomous Systems Engineering

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