William D. Ross – Biography

Bill RossDr. William D. Ross is the Assistant Division Head in the Engineering Division. In 2011, he served as the lead of the Laboratory's Energy Initiative, which has grown many programs across multiple divisions to address this important area. In 2008, he was the Leader of the Integrated Systems and Concepts Group and in 2010, he won an MIT Lincoln Laboratory Technical Excellence Award.

Dr. Ross joined Lincoln Laboratory in 1998, working on processing algorithms and exploitation systems for remote sensing in the Sensor Exploitation Group.  He has led the development of a number of innovative imaging system prototypes, such as a robotic vision-based navigation system for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Overlook system for very-low-power remote motion imaging, and a set of wide-area persistent surveillance technologies and systems, including advanced image processing systems for ground-based and onboard solutions. 

In recent years, Dr. Ross's imaging research has concentrated on the development of gigapixel-class motion imaging systems, such as the Multi-Aperture Sparse Imager Video System (MASIVS), the Wide-area Infrared System for Persistent Surveillance (WISP), and several imaging systems for immersive surveillance. 

He holds a BS degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University and MS and PhD degrees in cognitive and neural systems from Boston University. His postdoctoral research at Boston University focused on developing and applying neurocomputational models of biological vision.


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