Future Outlook

  • Lincoln Laboratory is continuing significant efforts to support the DoD and the intelligence community with architecture engineering, systems analysis, technology development, and advanced capability prototyping.
  • Enhanced activities in electronic warfare and U.S. Navy maritime and undersea surveillance are expected as part of the national shift to meeting security challenges in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • The importance of ISR data exploitation will grow as new wide-area sensing capabilities are fielded. Automation techniques to address the increasing analyst workload will emphasize improved fusion and statistical inferencing that use multisource and nontraditional sensor data sources.
  • The Laboratory will continue to help the government develop, prototype, and employ open-system architecture paradigms for sensors, avionics payloads, and ground-control stations.
  • Laser-based sensing will expand into new applications as the technology for optical waveforms and coherent laser-based sensing improves.
  • Airborne radar systems will evolve to support new unmanned and manned platforms, while exploiting advances in antennas and processing techniques.

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