Future Outlook

An Orbital Sciences Cygnus cargo spacecraft delivered the Micro-sized Microwave Atmospheric Satellite (MicroMAS) CubeSat, shown above with its solar arrays opened, to the International Space Station.

  • SensorSat will proceed through detailed design, flight hardware fabrication, and vehicle integration and test with delivery scheduled for FY17. The SensorSat design and technologies will be transferred to industry for possible use as the Air Force procures the follow-on to the current Space-Based Space Surveillance satellite.
  • The Laboratory will continue to design and analyze simulation scenarios and drive algorithm development for the Space Fence.
  • The MicroMAS-2 and MiRaTA satellites will complete integration and testing in support of launches planned for late 2016.
  • The Laboratory will continue to analyze, prototype, and demonstrate new sensor, processing, and operations capabilities to inform U.S. government architectures and concepts of operations for space superiority.
  • Automated techniques and algorithms for tactical space command and control, including high-value-asset surveillance and persistent-threat monitoring, will be refined. Efforts to significantly improve radar sensitivity and search rates are planned.



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