2004 Technical Excellence Award Recipients

Dr. Stephen D. WeinerDr. Stephen D. Weiner
For his creative insights, technical depth, and systems perspectives that have yielded significant contributions to the many phases of missile defense development.

Dr. Stephen D. Weiner is a senior staff member in the Systems and Analysis Group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.  He received SB and PhD degrees in physics from MIT in 1961 and 1965. Since then he has worked at Lincoln Laboratory in many areas of research in ballistic missile defense. These areas include system and sensor design, sensor tracking and discrimination measurements, and interceptor guidance. He has also written several book chapters on the history and technology of ballistic missile defense. He has participated in a number of national studies of ballistic and cruise missile defense. For a time he held the world record for the viewgraph with the greatest number of overlays.

Dr. Marilyn M. WolfsonDr. Marilyn M. Wolfson
For her work in the application of meteorology and, in particular, convective weather forecasts to the problem of improving air traffic control at the national level.

Dr. Marilyn M. Wolfson holds a BS degree (honors) in atmospheric and oceanic science from the University of Michigan and an SM degree from MIT, where she was named an Ida M. Green Fellow. She began work at Lincoln Laboratory in 1983 and later returned to MIT as a Lincoln Staff Associate, graduating with a PhD degree in 1990.

Dr. Wolfson began development of automated short-term convective weather forecasts for air traffic management applications in 1996, as leader of the FAA Aviation Weather Research Program's Convective Weather Product Development Team. She has patented and licensed the technology needed to make accurate 1- to 2-hour forecasts and has recently transferred this technology for operational FAA use. She served as senior staff for two years and is now assistant leader of the Weather Sensing Group, directing their weather research efforts. Dr. Wolfson has received the American Meteorological Society Editor's Award for her work on the Monthly Weather Review journal. She has been named Chairman of the Society's Aviation Weather Conference for 2006.

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