MIT Lincoln Laboratory is awarded a sixth Superior security rating

The U.S. Air Force 66th Air Base Group Information Protection Office awarded MIT Lincoln Laboratory a "Superior" security rating for 2011. This rating was based upon the cumulative results of eleven comprehensive security inspections conducted on divisions, groups, and departments randomly chosen for evaluation. The Laboratory earned high ratings on security reviews performed between January and December 2011. The Laboratory's continued compliance with National Industrial Security Program requirements has earned it this sixth consecutive "Superior" rating.

Representatives of the departments, divisions, and groups that were audited during the 2011 security review with Director Eric Evans and Base Commander Col YikeParticipating in the ceremony to award Lincoln Laboratory its 2011 Superior security rating are (front row, left to right) Shawn Daley, Chief Security Officer, MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Colonel Stacy Yike, Commander, 66th Air Base Group, Hanscom Air Force Base; Dr. Eric Evans, Director, MIT Lincoln Laboratory; and leadership from the groups, divisions, and departments that achieved commendable ratings on the 2011 security reviews (second row, left to right): Richard Mozzicato, Group Leader, Systems and Architectures; Dr. Timothy Dasey, Group Leader, Chemical and Biological Defense Systems; Dr. Clifford Weinstein, Group Leader, Human Language Technology; Dr. Mark Czerwinski, Group Leader, Aerospace Sensor Technology; Dr. Chi Chan, Assistant Group Leader, Space Situational Awareness; Dr. Pamela Evans, Group Leader, ISR Systems and Architectures; (back row) Dr. Don Boroson, Group Leader, Optical Communications Technology; Joseph Scozzafava, Group Leader, Mechanical Engineering; Brian Languirand, Group Leader, Fabrication Engineering; Dr. Mordechai Rothschild, Group Leader, Chemical Sensing and Synthetic Materials; Dr. Paul Juodawlkis, Assistant Group Leader, Electro-optical Materials and Devices; Dr. Mohamed Abouzahra, Associate Group Leader, Space Systems Analysis.

Posted May 2012

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