Lincoln Laboratory biking team returns to first place

Lincoln Laboratory’s 2013 Bike Week Challenge Team won two first-place awards in this year's state-wide MassCommute Bicycle Challenge during Bay State Bike Week.

Lincoln Laboratory was recognized for its outstanding participation in Bay State Bike Week and for corporate-level support of bicycle infrastructure and programs. Bay State Bike Week is held every May to encourage more people to use their bicycles to ride to work, school, errands, and other activities. The 135-member team earned the first place award for most mileage in the 3,000- to 5,000-person business category and, among all 281 participating companies state-wide, the first place award for total mileage (7,917 miles) equating to a savings of 7,742 pounds of carbon dioxide.

Though the MassCommute Bicycle Challenge has been held for 19 years, Lincoln Laboratory has been participating since 2008. Terry Gleason, a long-time member of the Laboratory's employee bicycling community, said, "Federal surveys show that most automobile trips are less than 3 miles. This year at Lincoln Lab, we made a special effort to encourage more employees (not just the commuters) to participate in the Bike Week Challenge by riding and logging any ride that potentially replaced a car trip. Our record number of participants and total mileage clearly reflected that we were successful." 

Photo of participants in the Bike-to-Work challenge Members of the employee bicycling community at Lincoln Laboratory prepare for bicycle safety checks as a part of Bay State Bike Week.  

Biking to work is encouraged by Lincoln Laboratory; it meets health and wellness objectives, supports work/life balance, helps alleviate traffic congestion, and provides an opportunity for people to make a positive ecological impact. Services supported by the Laboratory include sheltered bicycle parking, a free bike-share program, a bike repair stand and tools, and shower facilities. The award also recognizes the Lab's involvement in the MIT reimbursement program for bicycle commuting expenses and in other transportation initiatives aimed at reducing the use of single-occupancy vehicles. During Bike Week, PACE (the Laboratory’s Professional and Community Enhancement Committee) works with the Laboratory’s Bike Week Committee (composed of Ken Cole, Terry Gleason, Daniel Jang, Jennifer Melot, Jeff Roth, and James Streitman) to support special events such as

  • Seminars on commuting to Lincoln Laboratory safely by bike
  • Bicycle safety checks
  • Bike Week Bingo games with prizes
  • Bike Week breakfasts
  • Bicycle tour of Hanscom Air Force Base
  • Guidance on bicycling tips, gear, bicycle choice

In 2010, the employee bicycling community of the Laboratory also played a key role in helping declare the Laboratory a gold-level Bicycle-Friendly Business (BFB) by the League of American Bicyclists, an organization that promotes bicycling for recreation and transportation.

Jeff Roth, an active leader in the bicycling community, said "The support from Lincoln Laboratory for Bike Week and other cycling-related programs is widely appreciated and critical to achieving awards like this. More people want the option of cycling to work, and facilitating that makes the Laboratory a very unique and attractive place. Our Bike Week awards will also be helpful when Lincoln Laboratory re-applies for BFB accreditation later this year. These and other positive cycling trends occurring at the Laboratory can improve our chances to move to the next tier of becoming a platinum-level BFB."


Posted July 2013

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