Lincoln Laboratory earns ninth consecutive Superior security rating

Representatives of the division, department, and groups who were evaluated for the 2014 Superior security ratingShawn S. Daley, Chief Security Officer and head of the Security Services Department (center left) and Eric D. Evans, Director of MIT Lincoln Laboratory, display the plaque that recognizes the Laboratory's nine years of achieving a "Superior" security rating for its outstanding fulfillment of National Industrial Security Program requirements. On behalf of their respective divisions, groups, or departments, administrative assistants from the 12 entities inspected in the 2014 security review accepted Lincoln Laboratory coins in appreciation for continued support to the security program.

The U.S. Air Force 66th Air Base Group awarded MIT Lincoln Laboratory a "Superior" Security rating for 2014. This rating was based on the cumulative results of 12 comprehensive security inspections conducted on groups, departments, and divisions randomly chosen for evaluation between January and December 2014. This ninth consecutive "Superior" rating was based on the Laboratory's continued compliance with National Industrial Security Program requirements.

Many individuals contributed to Lincoln Laboratory's achieving this rating, including the leadership, members, and administrative assistants of the groups, departments, and divisions that were inspected in 2014:

  • Advanced Technology Division
  • Contracting Services Department
  • Advanced Lasercom Systems and Operations Group
  • Rapid Prototyping Group
  • Homeland Protection Systems Group
  • Advanced Concepts and Technologies Group
  • Cyber Systems and Technology Group
  • Cyber Systems and Operations Group
  • Applied Space Systems Group
  • Embedded and Open Systems Group
  • Intelligence, Test, and Evaluation Group
  • Systems Engineering Group

Posted March 2015


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