Two Lincoln Laboratory staff members receive 2014 National GEM Consortium Awards  

      Frank Schimmoller and William Kindred are recognized for their year-round
      support to GEM

On 15 August, Frank D. Schimmoller, senior administrative staff of the Director's Office, and William H. Kindred, manager of diversity and inclusion programs, received awards for their efforts in supporting the mission of the National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science (GEM). Through partnerships with more than 150 universities and employers, GEM aims to increase the participation of underrepresented groups—African Americans, American Indians, and Hispanic Americans—in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) at the master's and doctoral degree levels. GEM awards graduate fellowships to highly qualified students and provides mentor networks to help fellows achieve academic and career success.  

Schimmoller received the Executive Committee Member of the Year Award for his "generous commitment of time, support, and inspiration to the GEM mission." As the vice president of GEM's finance operations, Schimmoller has been working with the executive committee and the larger GEM team over the past two years to improve financial reporting and management for the consortium. He believes the consortium is a "much-needed resource for both the nation and Lincoln Laboratory to tap into the diversity of talent needed to solve tough technology challenges."

Schimmoller, along with Kindred, served as an advisor to the team of Laboratory volunteers organized by Kindred to help GEM refresh their website in 2014. The "generous commitment to the GEM mission and exceptional volunteerism" that Kindred, supported by his team, demonstrated during this effort was largely the motivation behind his being awarded the Employer Representative of the Year Award. Kindred scheduled initial team meetings, coordinated all meetings with GEM, and, with Schimmoller, liaised with GEM leadership. Within eight months, the team had built a new GEM website, complete with a different site architecture, new pages, and additional content. 

2014 National GEM Consortium Awards recipients with GEM leadership. Award recipients Frank Schimmoller (second from left) and William Kindred (middle) gather with Dr. Eric Evans (far left), director of Lincoln Laboratory and president of GEM; Dr. Marcus Huggans (far right), senior director of external relations at GEM; and Michele Lezama, executive director of GEM, on 15 August at the 2014 GEM Annual Board Meeting and Conference. 

"I'm glad to have been a part of the team that came together to deliver a quality product to GEM, an organization that has great impact on the students it reaches," says Jesslyn Alekseyev, user interface architecture and design lead. Alekseyev, along with Christopher Heline (project manager), Brady Tello (lead developer), Peter Demling (user interface architect), Dinara Doyle (setup logistics organizer), and Sarah Lewis (implementation logistics organizer), made significant contributions to the project. Jorge Coll and Jasmine Bhambra provided development assistance.

The website redesign is one example of Lincoln Laboratory's involvement in GEM, which started in 2011 with Kindred initiating contact with GEM leadership. Kindred, the Laboratory’s first manager for diversity and inclusion, recognizes the value in connecting with GEM to support the Laboratory's networking and recruiting efforts: "Our participation in GEM ensures that we have access to a large and diverse pool of top minority STEM students nationwide whom we can hire as interns and eventually employees." Since becoming a member of the National GEM Consortium, Lincoln Laboratory has selected several exceptional GEM fellows for internships and employment in various technical groups.  

As part of the Laboratory's participation in GEM, personnel attend GEM's Annual Board Meeting and Conference. This three-day event of workshops, presentations, and meetings brings together potential and current GEM fellows, alumni, and university and employer members, who engage with GEM officers to discuss strategies for transforming how the United States prepares scientists and engineers for advanced leadership careers. At the conclusion of the conference, individuals who have demonstrated outstanding service to GEM for that year are recognized with awards, which are distributed in six categories: university representative, employer representative, alumnus, standing chair, executive committee member, and GEM fellow. Dr. Eric D. Evans, director of Lincoln Laboratory and 2012–2014 GEM president, presented Schimmoller, Kindred, and the other recipients with their awards at this year's event, held on 13–15 August in San Diego, California.

Posted October 2014

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