Lincoln Laboratory supports state science fair

Lincoln Laboratory has supported the Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair (MSSEF) for 14 years, serving as a bronze donor of the event by awarding $500 scholarships from the John Welch Memorial Fund to the 2nd place winners in the physics and the engineering competitions. These funds, as others, are part of the MIT Lincoln Laboratory Giving Program. In May 2014, Damini Chelladurai of Shrewsbury won the MIT Lincoln Laboratory Award, and placed as an alternate for the 2014 Regis College $40,000 Scholarship for her project in behavioral science, "Creating a Micropipetting Protocol to Reduce Human Error." She attends Grade 11 in the Massachusetts Academy of Math & Science. Bianca Edozie and Christine Barthelemy of Brockton won the Lincoln Laboratory Award for their environmental science project entitled, "How Gassy Is BHS?" They are 11th graders in Brockton High School.

2014 MSSEF LL winnersWinners of the 2014 MIT Lincoln Laboratory Awards, 2nd place winner in the engineering category, Damini Chelladurai, and 2nd place winners in the physics category, Christine Barthelemy and Bianca Edozie.

Lincoln Laboratory technical staff have been volunteering as judges for the MSSEF since 2000, held on MIT campus in the Johnson Athletic Center. This year, sixteen staff members assisted in judging science fair projects, including Eric Austin, Phillip Evans, Shourov Chatterji, David Brown, Scott Pudlewski, Claude French, Frank Schiavone, Brady Tello, Denise Maurais-Galejs, Peter Shao, Jean Piou, Paul Ryu, Eric Tollefson, Sean O'Melia, Christopher Lloyd, and Sivasubramaniam Yegnanarayanan. "My favorite part of judging was being present in a space filled with young people who are really enthusiastic about STEM," said Maurais-Galejs of the Embedded and Open Systems Group, who served as a judge for mathematics projects. "I was excited to talk to the participants about how they leveraged their classroom experiences to put their projects together."

Laboratory staff jnudging at MSSEF Dr. Sivasubramaniam Yegnanarayanan of the Quantum Information and Integrated Nanosystems Group asks a science fair participant questions about her project.



Posted July 2014

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