Inaugural MIT Lincoln Laboratory Administrative and Support Excellence Awards ceremony honors four employees  

      Joseph Ciampi, William Kindred, Kenneth Burkett, and Cynthia Wallace receive
      Excellence Awards

On the afternoon of 28 March, MIT Lincoln Laboratory held its first Administrative and Support Excellence Awards ceremony. Family, friends, and colleagues gathered in the auditorium to congratulate the four 2014 award recipients, who were recognized for their Laboratory career achievements.  

2014 award recipients. The 2014 Administrative and Support Excellence Awards recipients, (left to right) Kenneth Burkett, Cynthia Wallace, William Kindred, and Joseph Ciampi, received plaques showcasing their individual career highlights.

Joseph S. Ciampi, engineering assistant in the Advanced Imager Technology Group, and William H. Kindred, manager of diversity and inclusion programs, Human Resources Department, were honored with Administrative Excellence Awards.

Ciampi was recognized for "demonstrating leadership that has significantly improved quality and efficiency throughout the Microelectronics Laboratory." Since the Microelectronics Laboratory's construction in 1992, he has provided engineering support in the fabrication and process development of more than forty Laboratory imager programs, including the NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory and the University of Hawaii's Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System (Pan-STARRS).

Kindred was honored for "creating a lasting positive impact on diversity and inclusion at Lincoln Laboratory and MIT through commitment and strategic vision." As the first manager of diversity and inclusion programs, he has led the development and implementation of strategic initiatives in diversity outreach, networking, and recruiting, and has enhanced workplace inclusion and employee retention. Because of his efforts, the Laboratory now has six employee resource groups and is involved in the National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science, Inc. (GEM).

The Support Excellence Awards were presented to Kenneth L. Burkett, senior aircraft mechanic at the Flight-Test Facility, and Cynthia J. Wallace, department administrative secretary, Facility Services Department.

Burkett was recognized for "contributing to Lincoln Laboratory’s successful flight-test programs and for serving as a knowledgeable resource for various user groups at the Flight-Test Facility." In addition to inspecting, troubleshooting, and repairing aircraft, he has coordinated and executed the integration of many of the Laboratory's technical systems into aircraft for flight testing and has interfaced with staff, sponsors, military, and industry.

Wallace was commended for "promoting a positive community environment and applying outstanding organizational skills in support of a department office." Over the past seven years, she has provided direct administrative support to departmental leadership, managed day-to-day office operations, and coordinated rewards and recognition–related efforts. Prior to her current role, she worked as a secretary for various technical groups.

"These awards recognize the important roles that administrative and support staff play in enabling the technical efforts ongoing across all mission areas," said Brian Donahue, head of the Human Resources Department. "Their contributions to the success of our research programs and to the Laboratory community as a whole are greatly appreciated. Our superior administrative, support, and technical capabilities are the foundation of excellence at MIT Lincoln Laboratory."

The Director's Office initiated the Administrative and Support Excellence Awards in 2014 to annually recognize administrative and support staff for demonstrated excellence in support of Lincoln Laboratory's mission.

Posted April 2014

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