Lincoln Laboratory rolls through Bike Week

Laboratory personnel got their wheels rolling from 10–18 May for Bay State Bike Week, nine days of bicycle-related workshops and events as part of this statewide challenge, which encourages Massachusetts residents to swap their cars out for bikes to get them wherever they need to go. Many bike lovers also got into the competitive spirit for Bike Week’s MassCommute Bicycle Challenge, which encouraged cyclists to log their daily miles behind the handlebars.

Staff dedication allowed the Laboratory to capture first place in the challenge, with 9,650 total miles logged. "Biking integrates exercise into your daily routine, is gentler on the environment, and is cheaper than maintaining a car. Though I really like all of these benefits, for me, the biggest benefit is probably the strong positive effect biking has on my mood and stress level—even in the rain!" said Jennifer Melot, Human Language Technology Group, lead organizer of this year’s Bike Week and year-round cyclist.

Photo of participants in the Bike-to-Work challenge Erik Wile of the Tactical Defense Systems Group shows his collapsible bike.  

The Laboratory has participated in the MassCommute Bicycle Challenge since 2008, and has consistently won a first- or second-place prize each year. Last year, the Laboratory logged the most miles of any Massachusetts institution in the challenge, as well as more miles than any institution in its category. This year, personnel were bolstered towards another win with an assortment of activities, such as a bicycle repair clinic; a commuter bike show-and-tell; a 25-mile recreational ride after work; and Bike Week bingo. Altogether, these activities have had an added bonus of fostering community spirit, Melot said, "Bike Week helps people meet others from all over the Laboratory who share a common interest. Through bike-related activities, I have met group leaders, machinists, security personnel, administrative staff, IT staff, contractors, and technical staff from every division."

Biking to work is encouraged by Lincoln Laboratory; it meets health and wellness objectives, supports work/life balance, helps alleviate traffic congestion, and provides an opportunity for people to make a positive ecological impact. Services supported by the Laboratory include sheltered bicycle parking, a free bike-share program, a bike repair stand and tools, and shower facilities.


Posted August 2014

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