The Concourse Group receives MIT Lincoln Laboratory's 2016 Small Business of the Year Award

by Barbra Gottschalk | Communications and Community Outreach Office

Lincoln Laboratory's Small Business Office selected The Concourse Group as recipient of its sixth annual Small Business of the Year Award. At a ceremony held on 11 May, C. Scott Anderson, Assistant Director for Operations, presented The Concourse Group with the award to recognize the company's work related to the West Lab Project's military construction (MILCON) application for two buildings consisting of 440,000 square-feet of sophisticated laboratory and prototyping  space. The award for the work on this project marks the culmination of an eight-year pursuit of much-needed additional Laboratory facilities.

Concourse Group wins SBA Lillian Mezynski (left) of the Lincoln Laboratory Small Business Office stands with members of the Concourse Group (Bill Sargis, Andrea Elson, and Tom Shea) after C. Scott Anderson (right), Assistant Director for Operations, presented the MIT Lincoln Laboratory 2016 Small Business of the Year Award and Laboratory coins.

The Concourse Group  assessed Laboratory facility conditions, analyzed five different options for Laboratory space, developed a comprehensive economic analysis of each, and documented the advantages, disadvantages, and justification for each approach. Their superior work resulted in the Secretary of Defense authorizing a MILCON project to satisfy this critical need.

Michael Menadue, Head of Lincoln Laboratory's Capital Projects Office, explained the importance of The Concourse Group’s work. "The Concourse Group supported the Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) report which comprehensively detailed all possible West Lab options. The submittal and validation of this report turned the tide quickly in favor of MILCON approval and funding."

Anderson explained, "Every year, Lincoln Laboratory does business with roughly 3000 companies, so it is a distinct honor to be selected for this award. The Group's completion of the AoA input was a truly heroic task." Typically, an AoA study can take up to one year for Pentagon approval. In this instance, however, the AoA was required to be produced and approved in less than three months. The Concourse Group not only delivered a draft in six weeks, but the company also went on to defend it and answered hundreds of questions from multiple Government stakeholders over the next two months, often coordinating responses within hours. "The Concourse Group's effort was critical to the Government decision-making process,” said Menadue, “and provided accurate, objective, and timely information."

Accompanying co-founder Tom Shea on behalf of The Concourse Group were Bill Sargis and Andrea Elson. Shea indicated that while the company has received many appreciative phone calls, accolades, and thankful letters, this was The Concourse Group's first award. Shea was happy to accept his company's award, saying “We were thrilled to work with Lincoln Laboratory and were even happier when we started working with the people in the Laboratory."  The award certificate reads:  MIT Lincoln Laboratory Small Business of the Year Award goes to The Concourse Group in recognition of outstanding leadership, exemplary contract performance, and technical excellence that provided exceptional results for MIT Lincoln Laboratory.


Posted June 2016


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