Small Business Office brings vendors and Laboratory personnel together

Fair showcases small businesses selected specifically for fabrication and prototyping needs

The Small Business Office (SBO) at Lincoln Laboratory hosted its second annual vendor fair in spring 2013. This second fair was geared toward the Fabrication Engineering Group and the Rapid Prototyping Group. Vendors displayed their products and explained their services, giving personnel a chance to gain contacts and resources in the technical industry. "The great turnout to meet vendors with unique fabrication capabilities ranging from printed circuit boards, cables, and mechanical work highlights how group’s continuing partnerships with the Contracting Services Department benefit the Laboratory," said Rizwan Jagani of the Fabrication Engineering Group.  Vendor fairs such as this exemplify the SBO’s priority to give small businesses the utmost opportunity to compete in the Laboratory’s acquisition process.

Small Business AwardDr. Eric Evans, Director, speaks with SBO vendor fair participants from Newgrange Design.

The SBO also provides a series of “Lunch and Learn” seminars throughout the year so that Laboratory personnel learn about technical companies and their product’s potential uses. In one of the more recent seminars, representatives from BJG Electronics and W.L. Gore spoke on behalf of the two companies while the audience enjoyed a complementary meal provided by visiting small businesses. The Lunch and Learn seminars are an easy way for the Laboratory community to gain awareness of small businesses and their products and services.

Small Business AwardDuring the vendor fair, Laboratory personnel had the chance to interact with 20 different companies to learn how their products could benefit Laboratory programs.

“The SBO works to connect Laboratory staff with small businesses in order to meet subcontracting goals within our prime contract,” explained Michelle Simoes, the Liaison Officer of the SBO in the Technology and Contracts Office. The required subcontracting goals are currently being exceeded as evidenced by MIT Lincoln Laboratory being selected as the national winner of the 2013 Dwight D. Eisenhower Award for Excellence in the Research and Development category. This award recognizes by category, a single large prime contractor who has excelled in their utilization of small businesses as suppliers and subcontractors.


Posted July 2013

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