Stargate Electronic Systems receives MIT Lincoln Laboratory's
2012 Small Business of the Year Award

Lincoln Laboratory's Small Business Office chose Stargate Electronic Systems to receive its second annual Small Business of the Year Award. At a ceremony held on 4 December at the Laboratory, Anthony Sharon, Assistant Director for Operations, presented the Stargate team with the award to recognize the company’s exceptional service.

Photo of A. Sharon presenting award to Stargate Jim Jacobellis, Stargate owner, (left) accepts the MIT Lincoln Laboratory 2012 Small Business of the Year Award and a Laboratory coin from Anthony Sharon, Assistant Director for Operations, on behalf of the company.

Stargate supplies software, hardware, and technical support for the highly customized system that controls and monitors physical-plant intrusion detection and personnel access to Laboratory facilities. This small family-run business, based in Fitchburg, Mass., has worked with the Security Services and Facility Services Departments over the last seven years to ensure that the intrusion detection system works effectively; provides status and alarms to the Alarm Control Center seven days a week, 24 hours a day; and meets sponsor and government regulations.

"Stargate has been a good fit for the Laboratory," said Sharon. "They work more as a partner than a vendor, providing critical technical infrastructure support." He added that what the Laboratory also appreciates is that Stargate is proactive, "coming up with good ideas to address issues for the future."

Stargate monitors security systemsStargate maintains the systems that provide physical security at the Laboratory. Here, Jim Jacobellis (foreground) and sons Zach and J.B. are checking systems in the alarm control center.

According to the Small Business Office, Stargate was given this award because the company exemplifies the dynamics that characterize a productive, sustained relationship with a small business: responsive service and knowledge of the client's evolving needs. "Stargate has told me that their goal is to make Lincoln Laboratory safe and secure. By working with the Security and Facility Services Departments, it is evident Stargate goes above and beyond their duties and, indeed, achieves this goal," says Michelle Simoes, the Laboratory's Small Business Liaison Officer.

Stargate's staff keep current on technology advances so that they are prepared to deal with continually changing computer software and hardware. In addition, they have assisted technical divisions with special requests; for example, for the Active Optical Systems Group, they designed and built a safety control system to support testing of standoff acoustic laser techniques.

At the award ceremony, Shawn Daley, Chief Security Officer and head of the Security Services Department, offered both congratulations and thanks to Stargate. "Security Services, along with the Facility Services Department, is the end-user of Stargate's systems. It has been truly a collaboration. They play an integral role in the protection of our materials." Daley noted that the other critical service Stargate performs is maintenance of the various intrusion detection systems and alarms.

Jim Jacobellis, Stargate's owner, accepted the award. "I want to thank the MIT Lincoln Laboratory family for this great honor, and first and foremost we'd like to thank the BACS [Building Access Control System] team—Lori McGonagle, Tim Riley, Alex Kotzias, and Peter Santa Lucia—and the whole collaborative group from Security and Facilities who work tirelessly to achieve the common goal of securing MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Stargate is a team-driven small business, and I believe Lincoln Laboratory is a team-driven organization." Jacobellis's team includes his sons and Steve Barbagallo. "I’m lucky to share a passion for this work with my sons, J.B. and Zach, and my good friend Steve.'

Stargate consults with rep from Security ServicesBrian Donnelly (left) of the Security Services Department consults with Stargate's directors, Steve Barbagallo and Jim Jacobellis. A collegial approach to system operation and maintenance is a hallmark of Stargate's work with Lincoln Laboratory.

During the ceremony, Lisa Wong, mayor of Fitchburg, presented Stargate with a citation from the city acknowledging the company's service to the community. "Small companies that are high growth and highly competitive are vital to Fitchburg," she said. "They provide added-value skill sets to our economy." Mike Hubbard, Veteran and Military Liaison from Congresswoman Niki Tsongas's office, attended the event to offer congratulations to Stargate.

The Small Business Office established the Small Business of the Year Award in 2011 to recognize the contributions vendors and subcontractors make to the success of Laboratory programs. Annually, the Laboratory does business valuing about $430 million with companies supplying goods and services, and approximately 53% of that is with small businesses. The Small Business Office's aggressive program to connect with small businesses is helping fuel economic growth, particularly in local communities.

Posted January 2013

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