Lincoln Laboratory is awarded a supercomputer

The Department of Defense's High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) has awarded MIT Lincoln Laboratory a supercomputer for developing novel sensor processing algorithms using Lincoln Laboratory's interactive cloud computing software, LLGrid.

The supercomputer, called TX-GreenPioneer, with two petabytes (one quadrillion bytes) of memory, will use innovative technologies to minimize energy consumption. The TX-GreenPioneer system will explore a number of revolutionary supercomputing management approaches to dynamically manage energy consumption.

Since 2005, Lincoln Laboratory's LLGrid team, led by Dr. Jeremy Kepner, has partnered with Holyoke Gas & Electric, managed by James Lavelle, to create an integrated "green" supercomputing solution that utilizes the renewable energy resources of Holyoke Gas & Electric to reduce the carbon footprint of the system by tenfold compared to a traditional deployment.

The TX-GreenPioneer will also be a pathfinder for Massachusetts' Greening-of-IT initiative that is endeavoring to develop the Holyoke High Performance Computing and Training Center (HPCC) to provide the computing support critical to high-technology applications. HPCC, a collaboration between higher education, industry, and government, is envisioned as a resource for the area's academic and corporate research, and is planned to take advantage of Holyoke's sustainable energy resources—hydroelectric, solar, and wind power.

Posted July 2009

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