Robotics Outreach at Lincoln Laboratory (ROLL)

Lincoln Laboratory's robotics outreach program was designed in 2008 to stimulate youth interest in science and technology. This program, Robotics Outreach at Lincoln Laboratory (ROLL), seeks to drive students towards math, science, and engineering by engaging students in robotics and similar hands-on activities while fostering a sense of curiosity and accomplishment.

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Everey year, members of ROLL help:

  • Sponsor student robotic teams participating in external competitions.
    • ROLL assists students in several robotic events and competitions. ROLL members mentor teams made of Laboratory employees' children aged 9-18 years. These teams meet every weekend throughout the fall to build and program their robots to perform robotic challenges.
  • Host robotics workshops and in-house competitions.
    • ROLL has hosted full-immersion robotics workshops for high-school children of Laboratory employees. These workshops are a hands-on engineering challenge using Lego Mindstorms to build and program a working robot. Further workshops may be planned.
  • Host an annual robotics demonstration in the Laboratory's Science on Saturday series.
    • Each year, ROLL gives a demonstration for attendees of the Science on Saturday series. This popular show sells out each year. See photos of past demonstrations on our Science on Saturday page.


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