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Support Our Troops Program

Through the "Support Our Troops" Program, Lincoln Laboratory Community Outreach sends packages to soldiers every week. Boxes are sent out on Mondays or Fridays. If you would like to volunteer to help with this program, please contact

To donate supplies for solidiers, see information below.

In return, LLCO receives thank-you letters and emails on an almost daily basis. These letters, a few of which are shown below, illustrate how much the packages and letters are appreciated, and how important such a morale boost can be to any soldier.

The Troop Support Chairperson is made of a committee of members of LLVets, the Laboratory's Veterans network group. If you would like to provide addresses of military service members to receive packages, please send the information to

So far this year, a total of 200 care packages were mailed to 17 different troops, including a special holiday care package.

About the Support Our Troops Program

LLCO packed 81 boxes of donations to soldiers as part of the Support Our Troops ProgramThe "Support Our Troops" program accepts a variety of donated items (PDF) which are packaged and sent each Friday to military personnel serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Names and APO addresses of soldiers associated with the Laboratory community or Hanscom AFB are given to the program coordinator by Lincoln Laboratory personnel, many of whom have family members serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Care packages are also sent to Lincoln Laboratory employees who are serving an active duty commitment as part of a guard or reserve unit. Packages are sent on a rotating basis so that everyone receives a care package every few weeks. If you would like to provide addresses of service members to receive packages, please send the information to

Each care package contains a letter from MIT Lincoln Laboratory, a variety of donated items, and a note from the person who put together the package. Military personnel new to the program's address list receive a note explaining how we received their address, and we always tell them how proud we are of them for serving our country.

Donations Needed

Donation boxes are located in the cafeteria in the main facility and at Forbes Road. Recently requested items for care packages are:

  • Entertainment
    • movies, music, books, newspapers, and magazines
    • pictures and letters from supporters
    • phone cards, blank note cards w/envelopes to send letters home
    • games, sport balls, board games, electronic games, batteries
  • Edibles
    • coffee, coffee filters, mugs or cups, creamer packs, sugar packs
    • cheese and pepperoni (no refrigeration needed)
    • healthy snacks (chips, nuts, cereal)
    • beef jerky
    • powdered drink mixes
    • gum
    • dog treats for military working dogs
  • Toiletries
    • razors, shaving cream, deodorants
    • shampoo, hand cream, hand sanitizer
    • travel size toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash
    • liquid soap, body wash, moisturizing lotions
    • baby wipes, hygiene products
    • chapstick, lip gloss, sunblock
    • air freshener, lysol, mosquito repellent
  • Apparel and gear
    • sunglasses with black lenses
    • socks (white and olive drab) (for sizes 8 and above)
    • gym shorts/tops (all cotton)
    • black work gloves

    Thank You Letters from Soldiers

    Thank you so much for the thoughtful care package! I shared my care package with my fellow Marines and it was all distributed in about 5 minutes. It is very appreciated! We operate out of Forward Operating Base Delaram II, in the Nimruz Province of Afghanistan about 100km from the Iranian border. We conduct counter-insurgency operations against the Taliban and drug runners. Our days consist of defensive operations, offensive patrols in order to deny the enemy freedom of movement, providing care for locals whether injured by the insurgency or by their own doing. We do our best to present a positive image for the coalition forces and the Afghan government so we can get out of here in a timely manner and we can all go home. We are all very much looking forward to that day. I appreciate the thought and the package and I hope you know my fellow Marines and I are thinking of you back in the States. Take care! Semper Fidelis —Sgt Michael Finn, Bravo company, 1st Battalion, 25th Marines

    Leach with PacuI have been with the company 2 years have been in Afghanistan the same time. My coworkers and I thank you for your time and support in getting the care package together. I have attached a picture of me and my K-9. He is a dual-purpose K-9. He detects explosive material and serves as an attack dog if needed. Thank you again! —Donald Leach, with K-9 Pacu




    I am the Brigade Nurse for the 1st Armor Division, 3rd Brigade. We are currently stationed in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.  I work in the Charlie Medical Company. We see approximately 200 Soldiers on a weekly walk-in basis, we have an 8-bed inpatient unit, a 4-bed ICU and we serve as a Trauma Center.  When our Soldiers come to us, they generally come in from the field, where they have been out on patrol for weeks at a time. When they come to the Aid Station, they come for comfort and relief. We provide it in the care we give them, and  other little things in life that make it tolerable, a clean shirt, socks, underwear, shower, food, especially snacks. We always seem to be low on snacks, especially chocolate.  As rough and tough as our Soldiers are, they all have a sweet tooth. With the change in the weather, we don't have to worry too much about it melting. We would appreciate any assistance you can provide.  I assure you it will be put to good use and will be much appreciated. —Tracy Ho, Captain, Army Nurse Corp, 3/1 Brigade Nurse


    Marxx with DucoMy name is Jakkie Marx and I am from South Africa. I work in Afghanistan at FOB Ramrod on a DoD contract with a patrol/narcotics detection dog. We are seven K9 handlers from the US and South Africa working for the American K9 Detection Services Company. We are responsible for searching about everything that comes into the base. I personally want to thank you for the care package (doggy treats) you have sent us. It is highly appreciated. Believe me, our k9 companions had a ball. I am sure if they could speak, they also would have said “Thanks a lot." We really do appreciate what people like you do for our troops and people in the warzone. May God bless you and your family and good luck with your career. I sent you a photo of me and my K9 called Duco. —Jakkie Marx, K9 Handler, American K9 Detection Services


    Thank you so much for the care packages you have been sending to the Marines of Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 25th Marines! We are forward deployed to FOB Delaram in southwestern Afghanistan to fight the War on Terror and to help the people of Afghanistan secure themselves as a safe and secure nation.  Our daily life consists of counter-insurgency operations and drug interdiction, as well humanitarian operations to help the local people. We are a local reserve unit based out of Londonderry, NH with the members of our unit coming from all over New England.  Getting these care packages, brings a little “piece of home” to us who are so far away from the people and places that we love so much. I, myself, am a Lincoln Laboratory employee, so to receive these care packages from the people I work with back home, makes it all that much more special.  I hope to thank you personally when I get home. God Bless America! And Semper Fidelis. — SSgt Jared Hart, Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 25th Marines


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