Lauren Scott

Systems Analyst
R&D Area:
Lauren Scott
I greatly appreciate the Laboratory's collaborative spirit and easy access to world experts in all areas of science and technology, and I believe fostering a fun, collegial environment is key to successful working groups.

Lauren came to the Laboratory after completing postdoctoral research in experimental particle astrophysics, working with ground-based telescopes to measure ultrahigh-energy particle cascades in the atmosphere. He says his experience both with developing and field testing hardware and with simulation and modeling is valuable to his current work digging into the technical details of potential new optical and radar systems to provide government sponsors with unbiased analyses of the systems' capabilities. In the more than seven years he has been at the Laboratory, Lauren has worked on projects ranging from the development of embedded real-time signal processing software for podded airborne optical sensors to the analysis of potential future systems for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. During that time, he has also mentored five students in the Laboratory's summer internship program. A self-described people person, Lauren enjoys working with these university undergrads who have impressed him with their ability to quickly get up to speed on projects. "They do an amazing job," he says, adding that he hopes he helped them acquire not only technical skills but also fond memories of MIT and Lincoln Laboratory.