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Sarah Adler

Process Engineer
Sarah Adler
Although I am a relatively new employee, I feel great pride in the contributions I am able to make to my group and our partners.

Fresh out of earning her undergraduate degree in electrical and computer engineering, Sarah is learning very much at the Laboratory about the very little. She works in the Microelectronics Laboratory (ML) as a process engineer, monitoring and developing the equipment and processes that turn raw materials, like silicon, into end products – glittering semiconductor wafers that, eventually, may be used in world-class cameras and shot into space. From the cleanroom environment where she works, she gets to see a wide array of the integrated circuits, sensors, and devices under development that require the services of ML staff and the processing team Sarah works on.

Sarah says that her first year here has been about soaking in new experiences. "I love walking around all of the hallways. There are so many different labs around the corner and random pieces of projects and equipment lying around," each with their own interesting uses to learn about. She's also been meeting new people through the extracurricular events that are hosted by employee resource groups. "I've made a lot of friends through the Recent College Graduates group, and I always enjoy the Lincoln Laboratory Women's Network lunches. It is so energizing to be in a room with a bunch of smart, accomplished women."