About Lincoln Laboratory

MIT Lincoln Laboratory is a federally funded research and development center that applies advanced technology to problems of national security. Research and development activities focus on long-term technology development as well as rapid system prototyping and demonstration. These efforts are aligned within key mission areas. The Laboratory works with industry to transition new concepts and technology for system development and deployment.  
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Laboratory Status

Doing Business with Lincoln Laboratory

For Government

Find information and the necessary forms for sponsoring work at Lincoln Laboratory at our users' guidance page.

For Vendors
The Laboratory conducts a significant amount of work with industry.
Find information and forms for vendors at the Contracting Services Department page.

Beaver Works

Beaver Works icon
Visit the Beaver Works website to learn more about project-based learning collaborations between Lincoln Laboratory and MIT campus.


LLCipher summer program

LLCipher is a one-week summer workshop providing an introduction to theoretical cryptography for high-school students. Find out more and apply on the LLCipher home page.

GEM Consortium

The GEM program at Lincoln Laboratory, recently highlighted in Diversity in Action magazine, has been a major part of our diversity and inclusion efforts.


LLrise screen captureIf you are a rising high-school senior interested in engineering, watch this video to see if our Radar Introduction for Student Engineers program is for you!

Technology News


Modernization at the Reagan Test Site

Lincoln Laboratory helped upgrade the systems and capabilities at the Reagan Test Site on Kwajalein Atoll. Find out more about these development efforts at the following Tech Notes:

Adding Automation and Decision Support Capabilities at the Reagan Test Site

Reagan Test Site Optics Modernization Program

Telemetry Modernization with Open Architecture Software-Defined Radio Technology

iPhoneColorful Microparticles for Anticounterfeiting
Glowing, smartphone-readable nanocrystals fabricated by Lincoln Laboratory and MIT could authenticate products such as pharmaceutical drugs.

Dynamic Photoacoustic Spectroscopy
A laser-based technique provides the combination of high sensitivity, high area-coverage rates, and long-range detection needed to remotely detect extremely low concentrations of gases and aerosols.

From Tools to Teammates: Integrating Robots on Human Teams

Helmet-mounted display

Lincoln Laboratory's basic research program in collaborative robotics seeks to streamline human-robot teaming.


LES-9 turns 40
LES-9 is believed to be the longest continuously operating communications satellite in U.S. history.

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