One measure of the Laboratory's contribution to the nation's economy is its success in transferring technology to spinoff companies. The partial list that follows indicates the range of industrial activities that have been generated and supported by ideas and techniques developed at the Laboratory.

3DEO develops metal 3D-printing technology designed to build high-quality products with lower manufacturing costs. The company specializes in manufacturing complex metal parts in low to medium volumes, using intelligent layering technology, and also provides consulting services on additive manufacturing design and implementation, enabling manufacturing companies to build industrial metal parts inexpensively.

This company's goal is to aggregate all user-authentication mechanisms, both physical and digital, into a single smartphone application by using technology developed in the Laboratory's Cyber Security and Information Sciences Division and supported by internal R&D funding at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

  • American Power Conversion Corporation

This company designs, develops, and manufactures power protection and management solutions for computer, communications, and electronic devices, including electronic uninterruptible power supply products, DC-power solutions, electrical surge protection devices, power conditioning units, precision cooling equipment, and associated software, services, and accessories.

  • Amtron Corporation

Amtron Corporation provides high-powered RF generators.

  • Apcerto

This company provides a mobile app development platform.

  • Applicon, Inc.

Applicon, Inc. develops CAD/CAM application software design.

This company performs statistical and computer analytical studies.

  • Ascension Technology, Inc.

This company performs consulting, research, development, and sales in electric power systems and distributed photovoltaic systems.

  • Axsun Technologies, Inc.

Axsun Technologies designs and manufactures optical components and subsystems (agile photonic subsystems).

Butterfly Network, Inc. is an innovative digital health company. It is working toward democratizing medical imaging by making it accessible to everyone around the world and contributing to the aspiration of global health equity. The company has developed a groundbreaking single-probe, whole-body point-of-care ultrasound solution leveraging technology.

This company develops advanced imaging technology, providing situational awareness through computational-pixel sensing. Copious Imaging was acquired by Anduril Industries in 2021.

GPR (formerly Wavesense) uses ground-penetrating radar (GPR) technology to create a map of each road's unique subsurface signatures.

  • Heuristic Labs

Heuristic Labs offers consulting and prototyping services in robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning; 3D sensing, perception, localization, and mapping; sensor fusion for decision support and situational awareness; Web 2.0 and Semantic Web recommender systems (e.g., Netflix) and social networks; mobile phone applications; and structured light (active stereo) 3D sensing.

This company is a developer of high-performance modular component cooling technology designed to offer exceptional cooling performance for high-power electronics at the chip or device-scale.

Kopin Corporation manufactures semiconducting materials, including thin-film circuits, flat panel technology, and wafer devices, and performs R&D in electronic digital imaging devices.

Liberty Defense is a developer of sensors, radar systems, and military equipment in Canada. The company's activities include developing motion detectors, sensors, infrared cameras, and mine detection equipment.

  • LightLab Imaging LLC

This company pioneered the development of optical coherence tomography.

Metric Systems Corporation manufactures wide-area, wireless data networking communications systems.

This federally funded R&D center works in the public interest in the fields of artificial intelligence, intuitive data science, quantum information science, health informatics, space security, policy and economic expertise, trustworthy autonomy, cyber threat sharing, and cyber resilience.

SimSpace is an early-stage cybersecurity software company offering state-of-the art network emulation and modeling tools for realistic cyber training, assessment, and hardening. SimSpace's Cyber Range software suite provides network security and risk management managers with tools for efficiently cloning a company's production network in order to train, assess, react, and revise employing realistic usage models and simulated user environments.

Sonde Health's voice-based diagnostics platform is intended to transform the way mental and physical health is monitored and diagnosed.

Sync Computing is commercializing a "computational optimization processing unit" that leverages the energy conservation properties of coupled electronic oscillators to solve combinatorial optimization problems. Sync Computing, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was funded by venture firms The Engine and Underscore VC.

This company manufactures data communication products such as modems, multiplexers, interface converters, data communication aids, and test and monitoring equipment. Telebyte manufactures data communications equipment for both copper and fiber-optic networks. Its product line includes modems, surge protectors, interface converters, and other local-area networking products. The company also makes local loop simulators used to test DSL modems and multiplexers. Telebyte sells directly and through resellers and distributors.

  • Telenet Communications, Inc.

This company provides data communications products and services.

Vvimaging develops acoustic electromagnetic and geometric modeling software and provides services for financial services and pharmaceutical companies.