MIT Lincoln Laboratory Beaver Works Center Builds Collaboration

Beaver Works entrance

Visitors to the newly renovated space at 300 Technology Square in Cambridge, Mass., recognize immediately that this place is designed for innovative work. The MIT Lincoln Laboratory Beaver Works Center is modern, industrial, cutting-edge; the open concept announces, "This is where colleagues collaborate."          full story

Posted April 2014

Printing in a New Dimension

3D printers bring new potential to prototyping and innovating at MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Staff with 3D-printed parts.

MIT Lincoln Laboratory staff are printing in a new dimension, using 3D printers to transform 3D designs into tangible objects. The Laboratory has invested in several 3D printers, ranging in size and capability from industrial-scale, top-of-the-line models to desktop, home-hobbyist models. The Laboratory’s 3D printers are being utilized to complete work on sponsored programs and to explore preprogram ideas.    full story

Posted January 2014

Meeting a VAST challenge

MIT Lincoln Laboratory staff create a winning information visualization

Icon for VAST challenge

A multidisciplinary team of Lincoln Laboratory researchers earned an honorable mention in the VAST (Visual Analytics Science and Technology) Challenge 2013, an international contest that invites visual analytics researchers and developers to create a solution to one or more defined data-display problems. The team designed a large-screen display to allow the network operations center of a fictitious big enterprise to monitor and respond to the status of the company's entire network.     full story

Posted November 2013

Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration on LADEE achieves world-record data download speeds from the moon

LLCD ground terminal

The Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration system developed by Lincoln Laboratory and launched aboard NASA's Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) spacecraft made history by using a pulsed laser beam to transmit data over the 239,000 miles from the moon to Earth at a record-breaking data download speed of 622 megabits per second (Mbps).    full story

Posted October 2013

More Technology News

Tiny particles could help verify goods:  Chemical engineers hope smartphone-readable microparticles could crack down on counterfeiting.
  Posted in Lincoln Laboratory in the
  News, April 2014

Free situational awareness app gaining traction among California firefighters
   Posted in Lincoln Laboratory in the
  News, February 2014

AF chief scientist offers insight, highlights Hanscom work
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  News, January 2014

A Chance to Fly: Aero-astro’s Beaverworks class offers undergrads an unusual challenge: designing drones for the military.
   Posted in Lincoln Laboratory in the
  News, January 2014

Taking Games Seriously: MIT Lincoln Laboratory is exploring games to improve decision making
  Posted September 2013

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Lab Notes

Articles on intriguing technical innovations

All Versus All Conjunctions: Weaving through a minefield of objects in Earth orbit is getting more difficult.
  Posted October 2012

Nanowire Single-Photon Detector Arrays: Detect a billion photons per second with low noise and high efficiency.
  Posted October 2012

Ultrasensitive Two-Dimensional Photodetection: What information can be associated with the detection of a single photon?
  Posted October 2012

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More News and Awards

CyberPatriots compete in semifinal trial
  Posted March 2014

Lincoln Laboratory presents the Small Business of the Year award
  Posted March 2014

STEM outreach does its job
  Posted October 2013

Thomas Macdonald receives Clemson Outstanding Young Alumni Award
  Posted September 2013

Giving Program helps Laboratory provide STEM programs year round
  Posted September 2013

MIT Lincoln Laboratory wins two R&D 100 Awards
  Posted July 2013

Green Computing Is Super

MIT Lincoln Laboratory's new supercomputing facility reduces energy impacts
  Posted July 2013


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