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Cyber Security
An analytical software that evaluates and prioritizes the success of different cyber defenses against potential attacks on an enterprise network.
Cyber Security
A network-layer policy that prevents unauthorized users and cyber attackers from gaining access to data on a computer network.
Communications and Information Technology
A unique single-photon-sensitive receiver that simultaneously supports optical communications from multiple spatially separated users while producing context imagery of the scene in the field of view.
Space  |  Communications and Information Technology
An innovative technology using an array of Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes integrated with a custom integrated circuit to enable two-way optical communications from deep space.
Energy and Climate  |  Sensing Systems and Technologies
Software that scans internet-connected devices in a targeted region to identify decreased responsiveness indicative of power outages.
Communications and Information Technology  |  Space
A technique that harnesses the ability of a photonic lantern to enable laser-based communications capable of meeting the demand for high-speed transmissions from space.
Biomedical Sciences and Technologies  |  Sensing Systems and Technologies
A wearable monitor that measures a person’s exposure to harmful noise levels and identifies inadequate fitting hearing protection devices.
Communications and Information Technology
Software that can identify errors in an automatically generated transcript of an audio recording or can transcribe an audio message from scratch.
Biomedical Sciences and Technologies
A wearable device for tracking eye and head movements that may indicate a person is suffering from fatigue.
Advanced Materials and Processes
Digital logic that mitigates electromagnetic interference in order to facilitate an efficient design process for electronic systems.