Visitor Information and Directions

Photo of Lincoln LaboratoryMIT Lincoln Laboratory is located in Lexington, Massachusetts, approximately 14 miles northwest of Boston and Logan International Airport.

PLEASE NOTE: you will not be able to access the Laboratory from Hanscom AFB. All visitors must come through the Wood Street gate. Please proceed to the gate via Hartwell Ave to Wood Street, or route 2A to Old Massachusetts Ave to Wood Street.


Visitor Requirements

  • MIT Lincoln Laboratory security policies and procedures limit the electronic devices that may be brought into Laboratory facilities. 
  • Please email any presentations, reports, or other necessary documents directly to your host. If that is not possible, copy the unclassified documents onto a USB drive or CD.  Copy only the files you need for your visit as this media will be scanned for viruses prior to your entry and scanning large quantities of unnecessary files could cause delays. 
  • Please leave electronic devices, backpacks, luggage, and other personal items in your vehicle whenever possible while visiting Lincoln Laboratory since some of these items may be prohibited and there is very limited storage space available.




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