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Biotechnology and Human Systems

Responding to global needs for improving human conditions

Our R&D seeks to improve human conditions on many fronts. The technology and systems we develop enhance disaster response capabilities, address impacts of climate change, advance defenses against biological and chemical threats, and improve the health and performance of the nation's service members and civilians.

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Biotechnology and Human Systems Groups

We view molecular-scale phenomena as critical to many future and emerging national security challenges. To address these challenges, our group develops tools that collect, manipulate, and process materials and information derived from the molecular domain.

Advancing Our Research


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Featured Publications

Automated exposure notification for COVID-19

Feb 14
MIT Lincoln Laboratory Report TR-1288

Automated contact tracing assessment

Nov 17
MIT Lincoln Laboratory Report TR-1287

Predicting ankle moment trajectory with adaptive weighted ensemble of LSTM network

Nov 1
2022 IEEE High Perf. Extreme Comp. Conf. (HPEC), 19-23 September 2022, DOI: 10.1109/HPEC55821.2022.9926370.