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Embedded and Open Systems

Our researchers develop advanced embedded processors that enable the varied sensor systems, communication systems, and decision support tools designed by staff from across the Laboratory. We collaborate early in the development stage so that signal, image, and data processing algorithms and hardware are integrated effectively and operate seamlessly within the systems. Because we support the development of diverse systems, our staff has broad technical expertise in areas such as processor hardware, software engineering, signal and data processing, and artificial intelligence. Our hardware has facilitated record-breaking processing rates, allowing systems to deliver time-critical information to users. We work with researchers from universities, other laboratories, and industry to advance the state of the art in embedded computing by establishing standards for open system architectures and pioneering very efficient libraries for signal and data processing applications.

Featured Projects

The ASIC system on chip was fabricated using industry processes and best practices. This image shows the chip during the packaging process.
A power-efficient application-specific integrated circuit system on chip that performs up to 2 trillion computations per second has potential for use in mobile communication systems.
The processing board for the new graph processor is shown.
A prototype of a new graph processor has been shown to handle big data as efficiently as a supercomputer.

Advancing Our Research

Featured Publications triangle counting performance [e-print]

Sep 22
2020 IEEE High Performance Computing Conf., HPEC, 22-24 September 2020. raising the bar on graph analytic performance

Sep 25
IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conf., HPEC, 25-27 September 2018.

Cloud computing in tactical environments

Oct 23
MILCOM 2017, 23-25 October 2017.