A Patriot missile launching system.

Systems and Architectures

To protect our nation, deployed forces, and allies against air and missile threats, our group examines the current capabilities of potential near- and long-term technology opportunities for the U.S. ballistic missile and air defense systems. Our staff members analyze all aspects of such systems, including radar, infrared and laser sensors, satellites, and interceptors. We also look at the software and algorithms that enable these systems to search, track, identify, and intercept missiles, and inform decisions about battle management. We assess how adversaries' countermeasures – especially in the form of electronic warfare – would impact U.S. air and missile defense systems. Using these analyses, we propose new technology and architectures that would help improve the nation's defenses against current and emerging threats.

Featured Projects

Strike Group Defender immerses users in realistic simulations to help them learn how to defend ships against missile threats in real life.
A serious game developed by the Laboratory will help the U.S. Navy teach sailors how to defend ships against missile threats.

Advancing Our Research


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