In the Microsystems Prototyping Foundry, we package novel devices by using methods ranging from 2D die attach and wirebond assembly to multiple 2.5D and 3D integration schemes.

Our wirebonding capabilities include manual and automated wedge and ball wirebonders and pull testers. Our 2.5D packaging platforms include large-format interposers for integration. Our 3D integration technologies range from die stacking and flip-chip bump bonding to advanced integration technologies utilizing through-silicon vias or wafer bonding with high-density, low-capacitance interconnects. Performance needs, form factor, security, and cost all play a role in deciding which approach to use.


Disco DAD3360

Disco DAD3360

  • Dicing saw for up to 300 mm wafers
  • Rotating stage provides edge grinding capability
  • Cutting accuracy 2 μm in X and Y directions and 1 μm in Z direction
  • Capable of cutting various materials besides silicon


SET FC 150 Flip-Chip Bonder

SET FC 150 Flip-Chip Bonder

  • Chip-to-chip and chip-to-wafer capable
  • Component placement +/- 1 µm
  • Bonding area up 50 mmx50 mm
  • Bonding force up to 100 kgf
  • Bonding temperature up to 450 C
  • Laser and optical collimation leveling system
  • Epoxy-dispense capable
  • Forming gas cover flow
SET Accura 100 Flip-Chip bonder

SET Accura 100 Flip-Chip bonder

  • Component placement +/- 0.5 µm
  • Forming gas cover flow
  • Bonding area 50x50 mm
  • Bonding force 1–1000 N
  • Bonding temperature 20–400 C
  • Adhesive dispense and ultraviolet cure capabilities
Ontos7 atmospheric plasma cleaner

Ontos7 atmospheric plasma cleaner

  • Accommodates wafers up to 8 in
  • Removes organic materials and native oxidation
  • Plasma gases include nitrogen, helium, and hydrogen/helium mix
  • Effective on In, Au, and Si surfaces
Evatec BAK 641 Evaporator

Evatec BAK 641 Evaporator

  • Evaporator for soft-metal solders
  • Accommodates wafers from 2 to 8 in
  • Two thermal sources and six e-gun sources
  • Suitable for resist lift-off
  • Minimum bump diameter: 5 µm
Nordson Asymtek

Nordson Asymtek

  • Automated adhesive dispense machine
  • Auger and air pressure epoxy dispense
  • Software-controlled position and adhesive volume
  • Adhesive curing in place
    Automated adhesive dispense machine     Auger and air pressure epoxy dispense     Software-controlled position and adhesive volume     Adhesive curing in place

Nordson March

  • Plasma cleaner
  • Cleans parts by using oxygen, argon, or mixed-gas plasma
Tresky Pick and Place

Tresky Pick and Place

  • Semi-automatic dispensing and placement
  • Small parts placement with controlled force
  • Flip chip placement with look-up digital camera
  • Places in deep access pockets
  • Ultrasonic capabilities for bump bonding
  • Epoxy dispense with built-in hot place for cure or reflow
Hybond Pick and Place

Hybond Pick and Place

  • Semi-automated pick and place die bonder/solder reflow
  • Placement accuracy of +/- 25 µm
  • Max substrate size 8 cm
  • Bondable die size to 2 cmx2 cm
  • Max substrate temperature 500 C
  • Collet heating 250 C max
  • Bonding force to 130 grams
  • Bond scrubbing capability
  • Hard solder capabilities: Au-Sn, Au-Ge, Au-Si, and others
Centrotherm Vacuum reflow

Centrotherm Vacuum reflow

  • Solder reflow of electro-optical components
  • Automated recipe control: time, temperature, pressure
  • Temperature to 450 C
  • Vacuum to 10-2 mBar
  • N2 and forming gas (3% H2 in N2) gas environments
  • Chamber clearance 16.0 inx9.75 inx4.0 in (LxWxH)


H&K BJ820 Automatic Wedge Bonder

H&K BJ820 Automatic Wedge Bonder

  • Model BJ820, high frequency, 100 kHz
  • Capable of using .0007 in to .002 in gold or aluminum wire
  • Integrated quality control
  • Programmable
  • Pattern recognition
  • 7 wires/sec
F&K Delvotec Automatic Ball Bonder

F&K Delvotec Automatic Ball Bonder

  • Model 56.XX, low frequency 60 KHz
  • Capable of using .0008 in to .001 in gold or aluminum wire wedge
  • Currently using .0008 in gold wire for ball bonding
  • Pattern recognition
  • Programmable
  • 20 wires/min
 Westbond Manual Wedge Bonder

Westbond Manual Wedge Bonder

  • Model 747630E-76, high frequency 110 KHz
  • .001 in or .0007 in gold or aluminum wire
  • Adjustable height platform with heater
XYZTEC Sigma Wire Pull Tester

XYZTEC Sigma Wire Pull Tester

  • Large stage for easy sample access
  • Flexible LED lighting
  • On-board statistical process control
  • Multiple test tools available: pull, peel, push, and shear


Zygo Nexview Optical profiler

Zygo Nexview Optical profiler

  • Vertical resolution 0.01 nm (interferometric interpretation)
  • Lateral resolution to 100 nm (pixel size at 100 times objective)
  • 200 mmx200 mm scanning stage
  • Automated and stitched imaging
CyberSCAN CT-300

CyberSCAN CT-300

  • Non-contact surface profilometer
  • Measures substrates to 315 mmx315 mm in size
  • Flatness measurement with submicron accuracy
  • Z-axis resolution to 3 nm and range to 25 mm
Keyence Microscope

Keyence Microscope

  • High-power digital microscope
  • High-resolution imaging of electronic assemblies
  • Used for inspecting wire bonds on packaged devices
  • Z-axis digitally stacked images, large depth of focus
  • Lateral stitching for high-resolution images of large objects

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