The Microsystems Prototyping Foundry has in-house testing to validate new devices, designs, and prototypes. These testing capabilities include high-speed digital and analog wafer probe as well as wafer and chip-level 4K probing capabilities. 

Parametric and digital testing equipment.
We are equipped to perform both parametric testing (right) and digital testing (left) at the wafer level with UF200 8-inch probers

High-Speed Digital and Parametric Testing

Advantest SOC 93000 Digital Tester

Advantest SOC 93000 Digital Tester

  • 1 GHz
  • 320 I/O pins
  • 4 power supplies
  • Tester-per-pin architecture
  • A digital test comprises pin, level, timing, and vector configurations; continuity, functional, shmoo, memory, and static/dynamic current tests; and external interface tests including prober/handler control and data logging
Keithley 630 Parametric Test System

Keithley 630 Parametric Test System

  • 24 pins (option to go to 64)
  • 5 source measure units (option to go to 8)
  • Sun Blade system control
  • KTE test programs featuring C language, extensive libraries of parametric subroutines, capability to build custom libraries, and seamless interface with prober
  • High-frequency matrix
UF3000A 12-Inch Automatic Prober

UF3000A 12-Inch Automatic Prober

  • Automatic probe and digital circuit testing for both 200 mm and 300 mm wafers
  • Probe card needles touch down on circuit pads for electrical testing
  • Electrical stimulus for these tests comes from our high-speed digital tester
Aracor Semiconductor Irradiation System

Aracor Semiconductor Irradiation System

  • Uses an X-ray tube to irradiate a device under test
  • Enables examination and characterization of total ionizing dose effects on devices fabricated by using either a standard or radiation-hardened process
  • Tests can be performed at both the wafer- and packaged level

Radio Frequency (RF) Test

Focus Microwaves Load Pull

Focus Microwaves Load Pull

  • Provides key characterization capabilities needed to understand RF devices
  • Fundamental and harmonic tuning from 2–36 GHz
  • High-voltage pulsed I-V measurement and noise characterization

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