The Husky vehicle is equipped with a novel ground-penetrating radar that can detect explosive devices buried beneath the road.

Advanced Capabilities and Systems

We are a multidisciplinary team that provides timely, technology agnostic solutions to the most challenging U.S. defense and intelligence needs. We conceptualize systems to meet these needs and then develop the systems in a fast cycle of experimentation and prototyping. We work closely with government intelligence and military users to identify the requirements for their unique missions. We have prototyped optical, RF, and acoustic sensors and built innovative autonomous vehicles for tactical and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions. Algorithms developed for our experimental systems are enabling advanced signal and image processing, enhanced geolocation, and aircraft autonomy. Our military sponsors frequently deploy our prototypes to operational use.

Featured Projects

Teaming autonomous ground and aerial vehicles improves autonomous off-road military missions.
autonomous systems
Teaming autonomous ground and aerial vehicles improves autonomous off-road military missions.
This miniature unmanned aerial vehicle is capable of autonomous navigation, including coordinated maneuvering within a large group of autonomous UAS.
autonomous systems
Small unmanned systems are achieving new proficiencies in autonomy.
The Husky Mark III vehicle was deployed to Afghanistan for operational evaluation of the GPR's ability to find buried devices.
A ground-penetrating radar that detects objects deep underground can also help keep a self-driving automobile in its lane.

Advancing Our Research


8 - 10
MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, Massachusetts

Featured Publications

Robust network protocols for large swarms of small UAVs

Mar 5
2022 IEEE Aeropsace Conf., AERO 2022, 18 p.

A hands-on middle-school robotics software program at MIT

Mar 28
IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conf., 28 March 2020.

Prototype and analytics for discovery and exploitation of threat networks on social media

Nov 26
2019 European Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference, EISIC, 26-27 November 2019.