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The ASDF is used by many groups at the Laboratory to test prototype autonomous systems.
Hanscom Air Force Base, Bedford, Massachusetts
The ASDF provides a space for various programs across the Laboratory to test prototype autonomous systems.
Entrrance to Beaver Works Center
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The Beaver Works Center supports project-based educational experiences that tap into the expertise and strengths of Lincoln Laboratory and the MIT School of Engineering.
Unique fabrics woven with microstructured polymer fibers and containing microelectronics will be transitioned into integrated systems at the Defense Fabric Discovery Center.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The DFDC houses technology to develop advanced fibers and fabrics for defense applications.
Staff in the Electronic-Photonic Integration Facility fabricate components, circuits, and subsystems for both internal and external partners.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The state-of-the-art facility supports the development of optoelectronic components, photonic integrated circuits, CMOS electronic integrated circuits, and hybrid electronic-photonic integration techniques.
Engineers load a satellite into an ETL space simulation chamber for testing.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
In the Environmental Test Laboratory, Laboratory staff can test the operability and durability of prototype systems by placing these systems in simulated environments.
Flight Test Facility
Hanscom Air Force Base, Bedford, Massachusetts
Staff at the Lincoln Laboratory Flight Test Facility operate seven aircraft that research teams can employ to test their prototype airborne systems.
The Fort Meade field office supports research and development of new cyber technologies for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community organizations.
Annapolis Junction, Maryland
The Maryland Field Office at Fort Meade is an asset for the Laboratory's cybersecurity research and development efforts for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.
The facility's control tower simulator includes prototypes for surveillance, flight data collection, and traffic management decision support. Seen here, a Laboratory staff member controls aircraft at a simulated Boston Logan International Airport.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Lincoln Laboratory staff use the Integrated Weather and Air Traffic Test Facility to test prototype systems for air traffic control and to collect weather data that will help inform improvements to flight safety.
ISR Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination Laboratory - Image 1
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination Laboratory is a software integration facility in which researchers can apply machine learning to the automation of processes that transform raw data into usable information.
The 40,000-core interactive parallel computing system provides high-performance, on-demand computing resources to the Laboratory community.
Holyoke, Massachusetts and MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The Lincoln Laboratory Supercomputing Center addresses supercomputing needs across all Laboratory research areas and supports collaborations between Laboratory and MIT campus researchers.