A schematic of a plane equipped with a lidar detecting humans under dense tree canopy.
Lincoln Laboratory is exploring the feasibility of building an airborne sensing system to detect the presence of humans under dense tree canopy.
A researcher tests a prototype ankle exoskeleton adapted with machine learning capabilities to adaptively and intelligently provide assistance.
Researchers at the STRIVE Center are developing a fluid, intuitive exoskeleton system to improve the technology’s use in operational environments.
A participant walks on the treadmill in a virtual hospital hallway while the platform applies a rotation perturbation.
Researchers at the STRIVE Center are improving methods for identifying the mechanisms underlying balance impairments in patients with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI).

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A skeleton runs on a treadmill illustrating a user's movements via motion capture


The STRIVE Center integrates fully immersive virtual environments with state-of-the-art sensing capabilities to solve challenging operational problems and perform research that advances our understanding of human physical and cognitive performance.