2022 Annual Report Cover

Annual Report

The Annual Report summarizes Lincoln Laboratory's technical accomplishments, technology transfer activities, administrative initiatives, and community involvement during the past year.

2022 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

The cover of the 70 Innovations Over 70 Years booklet

70 Innovations Over 70 Years

To commemorate Lincoln Laboratory’s 70th anniversary, this booklet highlights 70 impactful technologies developed at the Laboratory. The development of these technologies pioneered solutions to technical problems, defined new approaches to engineering practices, and further advanced scientific discovery.

70 Innovations Over 70 Years


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Lincoln Laboratory Facts

The Facts booklet gives a quick overview of the R&D, technology transfer, educational, and community outreach activities that support the Laboratory’s mission.

2023 Facts Booklet

R&D 100 Booklet Cover

R&D 100 Awards

In this booklet, 86 technologies developed at Lincoln Laboratory are highlighted as recipients of R&D 100 Awards from 2010 to 2023. These awards recognize innovations that may have significant impact on technology advancement in their fields or industries.

R&D 100 Awards Booklet 

Lincoln Laboratory Air Traffic Control Booklet

Lincoln Laboratory Air Traffic Control

In recognition of the Lincoln Laboratory air traffic control program's 50th anniversary, this booklet highlights key air traffic control technologies developed by the Laboratory since 1971 and the significant impact they have had on national security and air transportation safety.

Air Traffic Control Booklet

The Lincoln Laboratory Journal

The Lincoln Laboratory Journal reports on work performed at Lincoln Laboratory and provides a vehicle by which to share a portion of our technical work with the larger scientific and engineering community.

MIT Lincoln Laboratory Series

Mathematics of Big Data: Spreadsheets, Databases, Matrices, and Graphs

Books in the MIT Lincoln Laboratory Series cover the wide range of fundamental research conducted at the Laboratory in support of national security. Published by MIT Press and authored by Lincoln Laboratory experts, occasionally with contributions from eminent colleagues in academia and industry, the books offer insights and lessons for researchers, engineers, and university educators and students.

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Community Involvement Report

This Lincoln Laboratory Community Involvement report describes Laboratory programs offered to employees as a means by which they may become an active part of the community. Through these outreach programs, Lincoln Laboratory increases awareness of local needs, provides educational guidance or commendation, and enriches the educational background of its staff members and employees. The Laboratory community is happy to engage in community giving year round.

2022 Community Involvement Report

2021 Community Involvement Report

2020 Community Involvement Report

2019 Community Involvement Report

Lincoln Laboratory History Book

This comprehensive history of MIT Lincoln Laboratory was published in 2011 on the occasion of Lincoln Laboratory's 60th anniversary. More than 100 people contributed to the writing of the book, helping to capture the Laboratory's legacy of innovation in service to the nation.

"MIT Lincoln Laboratory: Technology in Support of National Security" ed. Alan A. Grometstein, Lexington, Mass.: MIT Lincoln Laboratory, 2011.