The Administrative and Support Excellence Awards were initiated by the Director's Office in 2014 to annually recognize administrative, support, and service staff for demonstrated excellence in support of Lincoln Laboratory's mission.

2023 Administrative Excellence Award Recipients

Alicia LaDuke
Alicia A. LaDuke

In recognition for her exemplary oversight of critical release review submissions and management of major Laboratory events and outreach programs.

Keto Sysong
Sengsouriya (Keto) Sysong

In recognition for employing creative technical solutions and effective collaboration to improve the Laboratory’s critical computing infrastructure.


Past Administrative Excellence Award Recipients


Joseph E. King III, in recognition for leading efforts that significantly improve the Laboratory's collateral classified computing infrastructure.

Pamela Weldon, in recognition for demonstrating excellent leadership and commitment to supporting financial processes at the Laboratory and MIT.


Joseph W. Orender, in recognition for his expert leadership of the Fabrication Engineering Group’s integration and environmental test labs to support Laboratory programs.

Kristi H. Wakeham, in recognition for her commitment to maintaining the health and safety of the Laboratory community and for taking on a frontline role in the Laboratory’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Marilyn J. Lewis, in recognition for being a renowned space system analyst and for anchoring the Lincoln Space Surveillance Complex analyst team for over 35 years.

James B. Lockler, in recognition for making vast improvements to security communications and for his dedication to security education at the Laboratory.


Marie L. Dow, in recognition for her dedication to improving visual communications across the Laboratory and expanding Technical Communications’ creative services.

Jason B. Williams, in recognition for his initiative addressing graphic arts needs at the Laboratory and for continually elevating the design of visual materials for Laboratory staff and events.


Celeste A. Paquette, in recognition of her exceptional management of the Laboratory's cable plant and for her dedication to the Cable Plant Refresh Project.

David A. Shumsky, in recognition for diligently monitoring the financial and administrative operations of the Space Systems and Technology Division and for making valuable contributions to the Laboratory's business improvements.


Curt Heintz, in recognition for building effective partnerships between the Laboratory's divisions and services departments to align business needs with project goals.

Irene Oliver, in recognition for establishing critical working relationships with Laboratory and Air Force personnel to ensure that government funding is processed efficiently.


Donna E. Dickerson, in recognition for routinely going above and beyond her normal administrative duties to positively impact communications and financial work within a group office.

Amy S. Grossman, in recognition for exemplary oversight in a number of critically important security areas within the Laboratory.


Allison J. MacDonald, in recognition for leading efforts that have positively impacted service delivery, information management, and data availability within the Environmental, Health, and Safety Office.

John E. Bilodeau, in recognition for routinely going above and beyond his division-level job duties to fulfill IT needs across the Laboratory.


Joseph S. Ciampi, in recognition for demonstrating leadership that has significantly improved quality and efficiency throughout the Microelectronics Laboratory.

William H. Kindred, in recognition for creating a lasting positive impact on diversity and inclusion at Lincoln Laboratory and MIT through commitment and strategic vision.

2023 Support Excellence Award Recipients

Linda Madden
Linda D. Madden

In recognition for her exceptional administrative support to the Counter WMD Systems Group and dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive work culture.

Brent Purington
Brent H. Purington

In recognition for being an exemplar aircraft mechanic in the Flight Test Facility and for going beyond his duties to ensure the success of the Laboratory’s programs.


Past Support Excellence Award Recipients


Will J. Bartlett, in recognition for making critical contributions to the development and transitioning of lifesaving technologies.

Patricia M. Perry, in recognition for consistently going above and beyond to manage the administrative needs of her group, division, and the Laboratory.


Kathleen L. Cable, in recognition for her dedication and support to operations both within the Homeland Protection and Air Traffic Control Division and across the Laboratory.

Steve S. Salsberry, in recognition for his exceptional 27-year management of the chilled water plant operations to ensure the Laboratory’s smooth functioning.


Laurie A. Briere, in recognition for demonstrating exceptional leadership and organizational skills and for playing a major role in the overwhelming success of ATNS 2019.

Robin J. Lucente, in recognition for her dedication to superior administrative and security support while working in one of the most complex security and program support environments at the Laboratory.


Terri L. Welch, in recognition for her outstanding management of the Optical Communications Technology Group’s administrative duties and for her contributions to the execution of the Quantum Communications Workshops.

John F. Orthmann, in recognition for his tireless work as a machinist contributing expertise and technical support to multiple projects of significance at the Laboratory.


Colleen D. Campbell, in recognition of her diligent support to the Laboratory's payroll and employee hire-to-retire processes and for her noteworthy efforts to streamline the Laboratory's on-boarding procedures for new employees.

Kirsten L. Theophelakes, in recognition for seamlessly managing the administrative needs of the Air Traffic Control Systems Group and for coordinating the Air Traffic Control Workshop.


Erin Jones-Ravgiala, in recognition for exemplary administrative support that enables success within the Quantum Information and Integrated Nanosystems Group.

Robert McLaren, in recognition for his outstanding contributions to the design and fabrication of radio-frequency and infrared systems.


Anne M. Cappucci, in recognition for exemplary administrative support that enables success within the Microelectronics Laboratory.

Jon C. Barron, in recognition for fulfilling high-profile photography needs at the Laboratory.


Heather A. Wilcox, in recognition for applying strong leadership and collaboration skills in support of a department office and the Laboratory.

Eric P. Carrera, in recognition for his technician support of prototyping and testing RF systems.


Kenneth L. Burkett, in recognition for contributing to Lincoln Laboratory's successful flight-test programs and for serving as a knowledgeable resource for various user groups at the Flight Test Facility.

Cynthia J. Wallace, in recognition for promoting a positive community environment and applying outstanding organizational skills in support of a department office.