The optical module for the Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration.

Fabrication Engineering

We build parts and assemblies for Laboratory program teams, making sure devices are made quickly, precisely, and cost-effectively by advising on design and materials decisions early in the hardware development process. To produce finished prototype hardware, we use our manufacturing capabilities, including component parts sourcing, mechanical fabrication, and printed circuit board and cable assembly. We help program teams assemble and qualify hardware by providing integration lab space – including clean rooms – and the environmental test lab. Our engineers research and implement new fabrication technologies to help improve prototypes' performance and reliability, to reduce their SWaP (size, weight, and power usage), and to decrease their development time. Over the last 10 years, we have refit our machine shops, printed circuit board assembly labs, and the environmental test lab with the latest precision equipment.

Featured Projects

a photo of a small satellite in a studio
A constellation of small satellites is collecting rapidly refreshed weather data to advance studies of hurricane structure and intensity and improve forecasts.

Advancing Our Research